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About the Awards

With the Chinese film industry quickly becoming the largest production and global film market, the U.S. China Film & TV Industry (UCFTI) Association, in partnership with the China Film Co-Production Corporation (CFCC), Motion Picture Association (MPA) and The Hollywood Reporter (THR), will host the inaugural Golden Screen Awards, recognizing the outstanding companies and individuals who have contributed to the integration and collaboration of China-foreign film market.

The 2016 Golden Screen Awards will debut in Los Angeles on November 3rd, bringing together filmmakers from around the globe to witness and share the achievement of China-foreign film co-production.

Principles of the Golden Screen Awards:

  • To promote cooperation and mutual development in China-foreign film co-production, effectively narrowing the gap between Chinese and international filmmaking standards, encouraging further outstanding co-productions.
  • To reward and recognize outstanding producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, photographers, composers and sound effect professionals who have contributed to China-foreign co-productions.
  • To provide a venue for filmmakers to learn and exchange ideas, while encouraging the growth of talented filmmakers in the international film market.
  • To provide an industry celebration ceremony for China-foreign filmmakers.